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Proverbs 11:30 – "And he who wins souls is wise." We are wise to win souls, and we must use every occasion to be a good witness. 


I have used my personal testimony throughout my tenure as a minister, from the first day I got saved.  A personal testimony is a powerful tool in winning the lost.  It is especially effective when combined with a historical event like the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. That's a powerful combination! Together we can make a lasting impact on your city.


                                                                                                    MY PART:

I will bring with me several mementos to display, including an original piece of the gold foil I removed from the Columbia space capsule while I was in the water.  My involvement on the Apollo 11 recovery makes if fun for your people to invite their friends out to a service.


                                                                            YOUR PART: 
Contact your local TV, radio and newspapers well before I arrive to book interviews. Share this website with them. Host me from Wednesday thru Sunday. On Thursday and Friday we can do the interviews you have set up, so all the free news coverage will be before the weekend service, not after.

                                                                                                   OUR PART: 

We will have good church with a house-full of guests who will experience the love of God and a Spirit-filled church environment.  My personal testimony will touch hearts, and we will have an altar full of people seeking God!







The testimony of John Wolfram is riveting and inspiring.  It is a story of hope and triumph. His book, Splashdown: The Rescue of a Navy Frogman  will thrill your soul.


Pastor David Myers

Palm Bay, Florida

Jesus  Christ  came  to earth "to  seek  and  to

save" us.  He called  us to  be "fishers of men"

and empowers  men and women to participate

in the rescue of sinners from destruction. John

Wolfram personifies the title of "rescuer." His incredible story of being a part of the US Navy SEAL team that rescued the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 is just the beginning. From rescuing astronauts to rescuing the souls of men, John Wolfram's story and ministry will bless your church and your community.


Pastor Anthony Mangun

Alexandria, Louisiana

A couple of years ago I shared the pulpit at the Chicago-land Men’s Conference.  One of the most impacting and enjoyable testimonies that I have ever heard was from John Wolfram.  If you have not heard his testimony, you must find it somewhere or buy the book.  It was a testimony I will never forget. 


Pastor Jerry Dean

Bossier City, Louisiana


Missionary   John Wolfram's   participation in

the recovery of the Apollo 11 spacecraft is an

amazing  story.   John's  searching  after  God

and finding Him is an even more inspirational

story!  Your life,  your church, as  well as your

community,  will be inspired  and   blessed as

you experience this journey of mercy and truth. Don’t miss it!


Pastor David Elms

Charlotte, North Carolina

I am honored beyond words to call John Wolfram my friend.  I continue to find the story of John's Navy days amazing. His involvement in the Apollo 11 rescue mission is an incredible witness.  You should make every effort to hear it.


Pastor Jerry Staten

Washington, D.C.

Every fifty  years is a Jewish celebration called

Jubilee, and  let  us  join in, and   celebrate  this

historical and spiritual moment with John Wolfram. What an incredible fifty- year journey and the impact he has had on our world both naturally, and spiritually. I encourage you to buy the book, hear the testimony, and celebrate the life.  


Pastor Mark Morgan

San Francisco, California



John Wolfram


John Wolfram recalls an era of American greatness, adventure and heroism. Ten years ago, he participated with us in a community event near Johnson Space Center honoring the 40th anniversary of the men and women who shared in the epic history of Apollo 11 and landing men on the moon. Rubbing shoulders with astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, Wolfram carved out his own place in history. Then he had earth’s acclaim; today he has Heaven’s. Don’t miss this wonderful story of a man among men.

Pastor Ken Gurley

Pearland, Texas

We hosted John Wolfram for the Apollo11 40th anniversary at Atlanta West Pentecostal Church. It was a great success in every way.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our people to invite their friends to become acquainted with our church. John’s testimony of his involvement in the recovery of the capsule and story of how he found Jesus touched every heart. John Wolfram is an American hero. His story is “front page” news.  The Atlanta media coverage was awesome.  We already have him booked for the 50th!


Pastor Darrell Johns

Atlanta, Georgia

After knowing John for 45 years, I have never listened to his testimony without weeping. After recovering the Apollo 11 astronauts, he dedicated his life to lifting thousands from spiritual and physical poverty, bringing freedom and joy to thousands—especially in the Philippines and Vietnam. You will not be able to put the book Splashdown down until you have devoured the incredible story of this dedicated and heroic man!  

Evangelist  Gordon Mallory

Phoenix, Arizona

“I’ve known John since 1971 when he came to the Lord while still a Navy SEAL. His testimony and book about his experiences have touched the hearts of many in So Cal, and around the world. When our family visited the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C., we saw John  pictured  standing on the   Apollo 11 space capsule  during recovery!   When John gave his testimony at our church the Captain of the

BUDS training unit brought his whole family out to hear him.  His testimony combined with the upcoming 50th  anniversary of the Apollo 11 rescue will be an awesome way to reach the lost."


Pastor Art Hodges III

Chula Vista, California

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