John was born in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin October 21, 1948. He graduated from Fort Atkinson HighSchool in 1967 and joined the United States Navy. John completed BUD'S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training at Coronado, California and graduated in the spring of 1968.

After jump school at Fort Benning, Georgia and Survival School in California, John served his first tour in Vietnam in 1968. John returned to the United States to train for the Apollo space missions and was involved on both the Apollo 10 and 11 missions. John was the first frogman in the water during the reentry of the historic first moon landing. John helped Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins into the billypew net that hoisted them up from the water and into the helicopter.

John returned to Vietnam in 1970 and had a life transforming experience with Jesus Christ when he was high on drugs and contemplating suicide while staying in a Saigon hotel. Later, John was wounded and spent time in several Vietnam military hospitals. John returned home and was led to a Pentecostal church in Imperial Beach, California, pastored by Allen Picklesimer, after reading a newspaper article. John's first visit resulted in being filled with the Holy Ghost and baptism in Jesus' name!

Deborah Moore Wolfram was born in Claremore, Oklahoma on December 11, 1953 and raised in Salem Oregon. She graduated from McNary High School in 1972 and attended Western Apostolic Bible College in Stockton, California. She majored in Education and minored in music.

John and Deborah met in Stockton, California while attending Western Apostolic Bible College (Christian Life College). John and Deborah graduated in 1976 and were married that summer on June 19th. They went into the full-time evangelistic ministry in the summer of 1976, until they took the pastorate of Wausau, Wisconsin in the summer of 1979.

In June of 1993, the Wolframs were appointed career missionaries to the South Pacific region and later parts of Asia. Their only daughter, Laurissa Wolfram, was born April 12th in the Philippines.

John and Deborah were also influential in opening up the work in Vietnam. During the four and a half years that John traveled in and out of Vietnam, dozens of leaders were baptized in Jesus' name and thousands of believers were baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

John was appointed field superintendent of Micronesia West while he served in the region, before taking a pastorate in Albany, Georgia in January of 2000. The Wofram's returned to mission work in June of 2005. They are currently full-time AIM missionaries, appointed as evangelists to Asia and the Pacific regions. Their daughter, Laurissa, is pursuing a PhD in English Rhetoric and Composition, with research interests in the areas of Technical/Professional Communication, Usability Studies, and Print/Editorial Design.

John - October 21
Deborah - December 11

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